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....The corner comes rushing towards you ... time to brake ... nothing!! BRAKE! .... relief as you feel the brakes bite hard followed by sheer panic as your rear bumper comes under attack ... CRASH!! The noise explodes within your skull as the fence rushes towards you and the car slews sideways.
NO, not a terrifying dream but the reality of a match race in the NFR LIVE THE DREAM Two Seater F1 Stockcars.

Originally built by F1 Supremo Frankie Wainman Jnr in 1999 and operated by himself and Ian Higgins at that time, now owned and maintained by the NFR Team since 2002, we aim to provide passengers with the ultimate white knuckle experience.

Your Chance to drive A BriSCA F1 Stockcar

The driving school is based at the Birmingham Wheels Raceway and courses are held on a number of weekend dates during the year

Whilst most bookings are made on an individual basis we are able to take block bookings for up to ten persons on each course.

Courses normally last for just over two hours and, in addition to a technical talk and instruction in track craft and safety matters, you will have the chance to drive both of our F1 Stockcars over a number of laps

Want to just come along to take a look? you are welcome, please contact us first to arrange time and location

Corporate Race Days & Promotional Work

All safety equipment, such as fireproof overalls etc, is supplied and medical and fire service personnel are in attendance. Light refreshments are served during the half time discussion, and a certificate is is awarded to competant drivers at the conclusion of the course.

Phone us now for up to date details of dates, and pricing. 0161 723 4012

Photos from the 1st August 2009 session, special thanks to Mike Bottomley for the photographs

Photos courtesy of www.stoxphotos.com

3 pics of the cab of an F1 Two Seater:

Click images for larger version

Photos from Knockhill 2008:

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What our customers have to say about 2 our seater stockcar experience:

Ian Silver tells us of his ride in the 2 seater on BriSCA F1 World Final day on 10th Sept 2011: Absolutely amazing! (I would say awesome! but I’m too old!). I was lucky enough to go with Neil, who gets my top entertainer award. The experience started well – as we lined up by the starter’s rostrum, we were ‘tapped’ a couple of times by the car behind us, which was the Dutch 2 seater, Then….. away, with an amazing (awesome) acceleration down the straight and serious concern as to whether we’d get round the bend okay. Quite a few hits (given and taken), the hardest of which you really feel in your chest. Then on our last lap, Neil signalled that he was going for the Dutch car. The chequered flag fell, but what the hell... carry on to turn 1 and impact on Dutchie’s back bumper, spinning him round! - this was an incredible experience (can I say awesome yet?), and I can see how addictive stockcar racing can become. THANKS!!

A message from Paul Graham reads as follows: Hi there, I would Just like to say I really enjoyed the experience of the 2 seaters on world final day. The first thing you notice when your in the car is the shear noise of the engine. Then off on a rolling lap, on exit of turn 4 the green flag dropped and with the power and a damp track we spin 360 degrees but quickly off after the other car. After a lap we catch the other car and with a deft nudge we're past but less than a lap later we took what felt like a huge hit from behind sending us spinning round and into the wall backwards! A quick thumbs up to Neil and we're off in pursuit clipping the wall a couple of times then on the last lap turn 1 we make an effort only to miss, not quite close enough - but with a good run up the back straight Neil made a do or die move with all four wheels on the inner kerbing, bouncing all over the place but again missed and had to settle for second place. I can only say to anyone thinking of taking a ride in these machines, if its a ride like I had its more than worth it. Thank you NFR.
Regards Paul Graham

NFR can build Stoxkarts and to date we have supplied quite a few, please see the Stoxkarts main website at
www.stoxkarts.co.uk for more information 


15 Water Street
M26 3DE

723 4012